Long time since a post

it has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened since then too.

I got a hold of a woman who herself has a spirit companion and she gave me details on how spirits are like.  One of the things she mentioned was Daydreams which surprised me.  Gabriel can be in my daydreams and interact with me lol sometimes it gets annoying since I like to daydream about story ideas and such but its harmless really its just I wish he would tell me when he is gonna do that.

Another thing she spoke of was negative energy that surrounds a spirit companion or a potential one.  she said this happens because it is to help the human companion be able to differentiate between spirits and other interesting things like that.  Since I know for a fact that there are other spirits around this made perfect since.  Ever since I made the commitment to be with him the others have been a lot more harsher at times and aggressive.  I am not afraid of them mainly because I am use to this by now and when I performed a cleansing I saw one of them just standing there watching like ‘hey what are you doing?? a Cleansing?! that is awesome!!’ and disappeared.

Another things that has been bothering me is that he has become more elusive.  Hiding every now and then. Which is something I am not use to but apparently this is common for spirits to do for whatever reason.  But it still worries me because we have been with each other for a while nonstop and now he is ‘hiding’ from me so I might have to figure out what is going on and handle the issue, cuz I don’t think he will tell me willingly 🙂 

What Dreams May Come

I was watching what dreams may come today and it got me thinking about Gabriel’s intentions.  I asked him did he want me to die.  which I know is a harsh thing to ask but I have heard stories about how some people will pass on to be with their spirit partner.  Thankfully he said no which I giggled and sighed in relief.  He explained he would never want that and would want me to live my life with him here.

From different places I have heard people take their lives for this.  And I was worried my relationship wouldn’t be any different. But he reassured me that it was not the case and thru his actions have shown he wants me to be here and not give my life.  But to live it and have a fulfilling life with my family.  Which I told him he was part of it.  I made a place for him in my room on my chest of drawers where I place gifts and things for him.  I feel it makes him feel at home.  so I mean with all the effort into being with each other it makes sense that he doesn’t want to end it and then start over like that. 🙂

I apologize if my blogs are choppy I kinda go all over the place when I am thinking about what to post. 

I realized I never explained how Gabriel looked like either and I did mention that I have seen him before, so I will describe how he looks.  He had light brown curly hair with light blue eyes.  He has always appeared to me wearing a, or at least what looks like, a Victorian night gown and he is barefooted. 

anyway I will probably post some more there has been a lot that has happened this weekend I just need to write it out and post it in a long blog 🙂  good night everyone

A Breakthrough

I realized something when it came to Gabriel’s and I relationship.  I didn’t know at first who he was so I would look for him, all the while have this one person with me while I would meet all these different spirits.  They talk thru me and they send me a face of how they look.  I thought at first I had a split personality but then I don’t black out when they talk so hmmmm…

anyway I realized ththe my best friend thru all this happened to be Gabriel which was ironic considering I had been looking for him. Lol and I knows exactly who he is now and I’m not talking to him with different identities attached now.  So I’m excited and he was happy too.  

The more I think about it the more I want to say he planned all this 🙂 whether he did or not I’m not sure but we went thru this phase where he would teach me things and it was fun but it was all about understanding he didn’t want our relationship to be defined in that way.  Kinda like reverse psychology  Thru action.  Somehow I understand that way but experiencing it cuz He told me he didn’t want to do that and I didn’t believe him so it was always funny when I would realize after he told me its cyou eu wouldn’t listen. Lol.

well that was our breakthrough that happened today so I’m excited to finally be with him and not be searching for him a cuz he was with me the entire time waiting 🙂 have a good day everyone.


Evil spirits

I read a book on defensive magick that talked about spirits and it got me thinking…

Are there really bad spirits??

The book stated that the author had never dealt with a bad spirit before.  At least not in the paranormal way.  She didn’t mention about some other cases which I researched about like this one guy who saw a baby with sharp teeth and it chased him all the way back to his house.  what he failed to mention was he was abusing his step kids or something like that.  So it leaves me to wonder.  I suppose one persons angel can be another persons demon.

But then again that is a very black and white way to look at things.  I firmly believe there is not such things as demons.  and if they are there then they are definitely not like the spirits from the bible.  I believe that if a person needs help then they will do what they can to help them, even if that means being a bit demonic.

I had a case with a friend of mine who is all into the satanic stuff.  I absolutely adore this friend and we always have fun together despite our opposing view on things.  One time he mentioned that one of his family members had an encounter with a ‘demon’.  pretty much what happened was the spirit made his family member want to kill someone.  And I asked well did he really want to??  Do you know??  who is to say that the spirit want to teach this family member a lesson about killing as I am sure you know spirits are experienced in this as well.

 Evil seems to be a man made thing.  And any harm done to us is evil whether we deserve it or not.  so it can be hard to say sometimes, if a spirit makes contact are they really evil for doing what they are doing.  Maybe they have a mission, or maybe they want you to see them?  who knows but I strongly believe that spirits are not evil.

a little rant…

It has been like what seems like forever that I have meet Gabriel.  Quite honestly Gabriel himself sort of put himself on the side lines in the beginning.  I want to explain how he and I met but it would take a really long blog which Im not sure if I am ready to type yet lol.

It’s hard for me to describe him but he is funny or at least has a sense of humor thank goodness :D.  We are sort of still getting comfortable with each other still.  When he first came I was really uncomfortable with him.  Not to mention when he came he didn’t come alone.  It feels like Im going crazy, lol.  How detailed I am with them, I want to show people how he is but it is difficult to describe especially typing it. And I have never kept up with a blog before, so I have I am little weary about keeping one afraid of the ridicule I might get especially since he might be an angel and we all know what that would bring.

How to describe him tho…  He has dirty blonde curly hair, blue eyes and he wears what seems like a Victorian night gown and he is barefoot most of the time. 🙂

anyway right now Im just adjusting to keeping up with this blog,  so I am not sure what to expect from it just yet.  Everyone have a good weekend and day!!



Allow me to introduce myself…

I would like to keep my name on the down low for the time being but I would like to go ahead and get this blog started because I am really excited about starting it.  Let’s see where do I even begin… For now you can call me netsirt and I am in love much like you or anyone else.  Except for one minor detail… My partner is a spirit.  And not a ghost I thought I should make that clear.  He is a living entity that feels, and is very much like you and me… except maybe way older than us.

But who is he??  Well he introduced himself as Gabriel.  The Arch Angel?!  Quite honestly I am not sure and I take his name with a grain of salt considering any spirit can call themselves that.  But I do love his name it suits him to a T 🙂  However it has been confirmed by a Monk that he is indeed an angel which I’ll get into in another post about how we met.

Pretty much I created this blog to share my experience about Gabriel with anyone who was willing to listen or had a spirit companion of their own.  Gabriel has taught me a lot that has to do with spirits in general and believe me I did not believe in spirits, angels, or demons until I met him.  However he did not come alone which again I will explain in a later post when I talk about how we met.

Gabriel is a wonderful person, which I’m sure many people have said about their partners and I feel the same as well.  He is very quiet and that is perfect because I am a chatter box so its never boring.  He does sometimes make me take the time to sit back and relax (I tend to get over stimulated)  the way Gabriel talks to me… he could have talked to me in my head, or sent emotions, or even done automatic writing but he came to me by talking through me.  Just one day he said Hi @__@  What?!  I know it sounds insane and believe me I thought I was.  But again there were some things that led up to that meeting that would take way to long to post tonight.

Well I will leave you with this.  Spirit companions is not for everyone and the reason is that they are much like us so I would appreciate that if you wish to leave a comment that it be respectful as I will be respectful of you 🙂